Really Simple Gallery Widget 1.1

After several months of a severe reduction in the amount of “free” time I have, I finally managed to sit down and finish an update to the Really Simple Gallery Widget plugin. This update adds the ability to choose to use images from the entire media library and/or view only the images attached to the post/page being viewed. It also has some cleaner and safer HTML and should have a better memory footprint (not that it was a hog to begin with). Available in the WordPress plugin repository now.

* Download Really Simple Gallery Widget 1.1 *

Really Simple Gallery Widget 1.1

34 thoughts on “Really Simple Gallery Widget 1.1

      1. Hi Helen.

        Your plug-in suits my purposes very well. Thank you!
        The only thing: it shows only the specified image (the post icon picture). I wanted to show all pictures from the post. Could you help me please? I use Arras Theme. Thanks!



  1. Well….I like being able to pull random images from my library and display a certain number of them as thumbnails in my sidebar which I can do now. I’d like to be able to unselect the ones that I don’t want to show up.

    Some of the thumbnails are showing up in my sidebar will link to the associated post which is what I want to happen. Others seem to just load the picture itself. Any ideas? Also what is a “post thumbnail”?


    1. Helen says:

      I’m so sorry – I don’t have an answer for you right this moment. We are moving halfway across the country this weekend and our current Internet has gone out. Please forgive me as it will take me at least a few days to look into this and get back to you!


    2. Helen says:

      Whew, that took a LOT longer than I would have liked!

      Here are the answers I have for you at the moment:

      1. Unfortunately, because of the simple nature of this plugin, I’d probably suggest you go with something else if you need fine-tuned control in that manner. I’m not sure there’s anything out there that does exactly what you’re looking for, but it certainly sounds interesting.

      2. The images that just link to the file are ones that are not attached to a post. If you look at your media library, there should be a column that tells you what post/page an upload is associated with and therefore attached to. At the moment, unattached images link to themselves because there is no post to link to.

      3. A post thumbnail usually means the featured image. Can you give some context as to where you’re seeing this?

      4. To center things, try adding `__abENT__#46;rsgallery { text-align: center; }` to your CSS.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Thanks for the centering tip! Did just what I wanted.

    I’m still hoping to come up with a way to exclude images that don’t work well as thumbnails such as headers. Perhaps some kind of filtering list. I like that I can play with the CSS to change its behavior.

    At any rate the program is great. Thanks again!


  3. Hello Helen! Thx for the plugin!

    I can insert galleries on the sidebars.

    The only thing I don´t know is how to use the Lightbox, the gallery shows ok on the sidebar, but when I click on each photo they just appear on a new page which is their normal WP URL.

    I tried entering in the shadowbox field many things:

    lightbox[gallery-widget] as the example below the field.
    lightbox[sales-information] the name of the page
    lightbox[gallery-44] the ID of the page

    Etc…,but none work…

    Can you tell me how I find out what text to put in that field so the images show in a lightboxes please? I am not developer, but if you guide me I can do it. It is the only field I am missing on the widget!

    Thx, Donald.


    1. Helen says:

      Hi Donald,

      You will need to have some sort of lightbox script installed, for instance as a plugin. I’ve used with great results, but there are many more out there in the plugin repository. Some may use a different word (e.g shadowbox or fancybox) but they should tell you which. You don’t need to enter the rel=”” part.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Cool plugin! Thank you. I have a similar issue as Don did. My theme is using Fancybox but when I put fancybox in the link rel attribute field, it doesn’t show up in the lightbox. I tried to find out on the Fancybox site if there was another term I was supposed to be using but I couldn’t find anything.

        Here’s the page in question:

        Any help would sure be appreciated!

        Thanks, Todd


  4. Thx Helen! Will try it now.

    I didn´t know I needed another plugin, sorry!

    I don´t know if it´s in the plugin´s instruction, but if not maybe good to add this recommendation.

    I´m installing shadowbox-js now.

    Cheers, Donald.


  5. Markus says:

    I like Your plugin very much. Is it possible to chance the setting “Page or post ID:” in a “category ID:”? This whould be very comfortable!
    Best regards vom Germany, Markus


    1. Helen says:

      Hi Markus,

      I don’t currently have any plans to be able to select images based on a category, as it wouldn’t be very efficient and I’d prefer to keep the plugin simple if possible. I will keep it on my list of things to think about, though!


    1. Helen says:

      Not at the moment, no. I hadn’t even though about a shortcode version, as the built-in gallery shortcode does much of the same. Is there something in particular that this widget does that the gallery shortcode can’t do for you? I’d be happy to entertain the idea.


  6. Alex says:

    Hello Helen, thank you very much for your great plug in!

    My question is similar to Donald’s. Along with Really Simple Gallery Widget, I have installed “jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries” (wp link here: and I am attempting to get the two plugins to work together. I would like to call colorbox, loaded by the Native Galleries plugin, via the Really Simple Gallery Widget’s “rel” field, but I don’t know if I can do that. All values I’ve put in that field so far have not worked.

    The goal is to have the same nice colorbox result when clicking a RSGW widget image link as I now have in gallery posts using the Native Galleries plugin.

    Do you have any thoughts on how I might achieve this? I am happy to swap out the Native Galleries plugin with another plugin if you’d recommend that.

    Thank you Helen!


    1. Helen says:

      Hi Alex,

      I’ve never used that particular plugin, but it appears to want a class rather than a rel attribute. Shadowbox JS is currently not available in the plugin repo, which is my usual suggestion, but there are likely others you can use out there (Fancybox or some other lightbox). I’m reluctant to add an option to add another class, as I think it’s already very option heavy, but it may come down to it. In the meantime, perhaps try some other plugins (though they also may not necessarily automagically work), and I will think on what I might be able to do.


      1. Alex says:

        Helen, thank you very much!

        Yes, I agree the Native Gallery plugin is looking for a class, which I’m guessing is a consequence of it being specifically built for use with native galleries exclusively.

        I appreciate your looking into it, and thanks again for your great plugin. I’m going to keep working with Really Simply Gallery Widget, and experiment with various lightbox plugins, as you suggest.



    1. Helen says:

      It is on the list of things people have requested, but I haven’t come up with an efficient way to query for images attached to posts in a particular category. Since attachments (uploads) do not have categories or other taxonomies attached to them by default, it is much more involved than one might otherwise suppose.


  7. Phew! Nice plugin, but I couldn’t get it working. After a few hours of swearing and head-scratching I realised it’s because I’m trying to get it to work on *pages* not *posts*. Suggest the following amendment to views/widget.php on line 11:

    if ( $current_post_images == ‘1’ && (is_single() || is_page())) {

    Then it will work on pages and posts.



  8. Brett says:

    First off, thanks for the great plugin.

    I have encountered a seemingly simple problem: it displays images attached to posts that are drafts and are not yet published. Obviously it is due to using the entire media library option, but is there a way to check the post’s status first then only display the published post’s images?

    Thanks again!


    1. You should be able to utilize the new filters in 1.2 to help filter items out. I’d prefer to keep the default queries light rather than having to do things like check the publish status of the parent post.


  9. Hello Helen,

    First off… thankyou for developing something that uses the media library in an effective way. I do however have a problem.

    Is there anyway to simply add multiple post/page id’s? it doesn’t let me save this when I try in the widget menu.

    I am currently adding an area to a site that displays a gridded list of all images linked to posts… this then, on click links to the specific post… like a visual archive.

    Hope you can help,



  10. Tomek says:

    Hi Helen!
    First of all, huge thx for that plugin – it helped me a lot!

    Unfortunately I have one problem here, with version 1.3.
    Am I able to put extra link under an image shown in sidebar?

    I have to admin, I’ve looked to the code but haven’t found any closing “div” tag to place link just before it.

    Can you please navigate me, where in code can I place that link?



  11. I have set the “Type of Link to None” but when you click on the image it is still taking you to the image. Has anyone found a way to not have the image link to anything? I just want to have a banner ad without having it to link the image.

    Thanks, John


  12. Sterling says:

    Hello… Quick question.. Is there a way to point the source of the images from a wordpress gallery rather than the full media library, post/page, or ID? If so, how?


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