Helen on WordPress: now on WordPress․com

I’m a lazy user. I tell people this all the time, but I’m not sure anybody believes me. I prefer it this way – in fact, I think it helps my perspective when working on/with WordPress, whether for clients or core itself.

In any case,  I’ve been letting this blog (and comments) languish for, well, quite a while now. Some of it is that I’m being lazy, and some of it is that I don’t feel like taking care of a separate installation of WordPress. I do lots of little development things to my personal blog, but when it comes to just writing about what I’m doing with WordPress, I want something that “just works”. Enter: WordPress.com.

Last night I managed to snag helen.wordpress.com, which I am super excited about, and thought would be the perfect new managed home for this little blog. At Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word 2012 at WCSF this year, I was surprised to see myself on a slide, and entertained to be referred to as just “Helen”. I joked at the time that I really should just be able to have helen.wordpress.com, and maybe should change everything I have to just using “helen” as a username, and will enjoy that at least the first part doesn’t have to be a joke anymore.

So, welcome to my new little on-WordPress home! I’m going to be messing with this here Custom Design upgrade they have, seeing how far I can customize the look with CSS and fonts, so don’t be surprised if things keep changing for a while. I am also making a promise that by reviving this blog, I will look through all these comments that are pending or unanswered, and do what most of them are asking me about: updating one of my plugins on WordPress.org. Here’s to more WordPress-ing!

Helen on WordPress: now on WordPress․com

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