Back in July at WordCamp Boston, I met some of the core WordPress developers and other important folks and was told I should watch the responsive admin ticket. So, I did, finally managed to remember to get on IRC for a UI team meeting, and got assigned things to do. I started off with making tables work better at smaller screen sizes, but it ended up being pretty much for mobile only, which is now punted to 3.4. But then I got plugin and theme screens on Tuesday to work on, so that I did and, along with an old ticket of mine, I had 3 patches committed in 3 days! Those would be changesets [18666], [18670], and [18673]. The first two are one-liners, but it doesn’t matter – contributing is awesome, and if you can do it, you should! Everybody I’ve interacted with has been very friendly and helpful, and there’s nothing better than really understanding just what it is that you’re using every day.

This has also inspired me to keep a running list of my contributions in the sidebar. Let’s see what I can find 🙂


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